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Singer- Songwriter - Speaker - America's Gentleman Hypnotist

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David Bryan Smith


Phone: 678-439-7469




Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Communications from Valdosta State University graduated 1988.  Emphasis in radio, television, and film production, acting,  philosophy and psychology.

Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist certifications from the Atlanta National Hypnosis Institute Marietta, GA 2000.

Certified Hypnotic Childbirth specialist certification from Omni Hypnosis in Deland FL. 2001

Certified Stage Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists in Las Vegas NV 2002

Doctor of Laughology


Short Bio:

David Bryan Smith is America’s Gentleman Hypnotist. Dubbed “America’s Gentleman Hypnotist by one of the greatest hypnotists of all time, “Ormond McGill”,  David has a spontaneous sense of humor that allows him to improvise on the spot and work everyday, clean humor into hilarious skits for his onstage guests to perform for the audience.  David is a gentleman in all areas of his profession and one of the most skilled hypnotists working today.  David specializes in clean corporate hypnosis shows and motivational program as well as clean comedy hypnosis shows for colleges, universities and high school post prom graduation and fundraising events. He is based in Marietta Ga. and travels nationwide performing over 100 shows a year. He has hypnotized literally over 30 thousand people over a 30+ year career. He is also skilled at slight of hand magic, stand up comedy and fire eating.


Long Bio:

Singer-Songwriter, Speaker and America’s Gentleman Hypnotist.

David Bryan Smith talks from the heart about living life to the fullest, using creativity to make a profit in business, and the creative steps of the “Six Sigma” process for using creativity to add cash to your bottom line.

David Bryan Smith’s modern hypnosis show is fast-paced, funny, clever, and clean. You will be amazed at how easy the show goes, how much fun you and your guests have, and how many compliments you get for your role in such a fantastic event. This is the ultimate reality show, and David is a master at leading his guests on stage to their highest and best performances so the audience will shower them with praise and applause, and everyone will have a fantastic time.David Bryan Smith is the one choice for fun, family friendly, and fantastic comedy hypnosis. The show is age appropriate, audience tested in front of over ten thousand people and tried and tested in the trenches of everyday performance.


David has been performing since  the early age of eight years old. His grandfather, Walter J. Hayes, performed magic and music in the days of Vaudeville and started David on the path of the professional performer. Magic consumed David until his teenage years when a small little booklet caught his eye in the magic store in West Palm Beach, Florida. That was Dave’s first introduction to the world of hypnosis and the science of suggestion. The quest to understand who we are and what we are has driven David’s life.


David Bryan Smith is a professional hypnotist and entertainer with over thirty years of experience. David has been a favorite at corporate events, colleges, festivals, fairs, comedy clubs, and private events. David is a naturally funny guy with a spontaneous sense of humor that is never harsh or inappropriate. He uses no blue material, and he takes great precautions to ensure that no one embarrasses themselves or acts inappropriate. David feels that everyday things are funny if presented in the right context, and there is no need to go into an area that makes some people uncomfortable. Humor is all around us. Sometimes all it takes is a look, a gesture, or the right word to make the ordinary become extraordinary.

David can bring out the best in people and show their friends that they have a sense of humor. He gives his guests onstage positive suggestions that they can take with them after the show and use in their everyday life, encouraging everyone with a few “magic words”.  


Playing it S.A.F.E: A Simple Guide to Living information


Introduction for David Bryan Smith


Our guest today is David Bryan smith. David is known in the entertainment industry as America’s Gentleman Hypnotist. A true gentleman and an outstanding hypnotist, David travels nationwide performing over hundred shows a year and has hypnotized over 10 thousand people. He  has appeared over 30 times on Headline News Network as a member of the Jury on the TV show HLN “After Dark.” His new book comes out in 2016 and is entitled Playing it S.A.F.E: A Simple Guide to Living Life to the Fullest. Please welcome David Bryan Smith.
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David Bryan Smith is America’s Gentleman Hypnotist. His new book Playing it S.A.F.E: A Simple Guide to Living Life to the Fullest is a practical method for living your life using the acronym S.A.F.E: Stretch your boundaries, Affirm the positive, Find your purpose, Everyday gratitude. Simple and practical ideas for living life to the fullest as told by a great story teller. David gives insights from his years on the road performing for people of all ages, his difficult upbringing being the youngest of six children, and his search for self mastery and self-success. David Says “All Success is Self Success – you are the one that is responsible for what you get out of life.” David is the founder of the “God of your understanding” movement and has been involved in the New Thought movement for most of his life. His website is and he can be reached at


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Learn the secret to playing big in life and playing it SAFE – Stretching – Affirming the positive – Finding your purpose – Everyday gratitude. Find out the secret to real wealth in the 10 second millionaire segment. Don’t have time to read the minute millionaire? Get all the facts in just 10 seconds. Featuring music and meditations by David Bryan Smith. Don’t miss this live event. It will change your life.


A few testimonials

I hire many entertainers, and David Bryan Smith was easily the most professional performer I’ve used. His hypnosis show is unique and funny! With a great personality, he really put my clients at ease. He explained a little about hypnosis, easily got volunteers, and no one felt like he was making fun of them. In fact, the volunteers all said they had a great time and felt wonderful! His close up magic was a blast – the rubber band magic is AMAZING! And David made it really easy for me. He arrived on time, with his own sound equipment, and was very flexible when we had issues at the venue. I hope to use David again soon! He made me look good!

-Lee S, 10/3/2009, Corporate Function, Atlanta, GA



What an amazing performance. My client’s were very pleased and hence so was I. David’s show was a Cut Above any others I have seen and I’ve seen many Hypnotists. The Fire Segment was very daring and entertaining. He didn’t make anyone “Look Foolish” during the main Hypnotism part of the show but had the whole audience laughing and having fun. Truly a gentleman and very skilled at his craft. This was a very staid group but they had a blast!! I highly recommend “David Bryan Smith – America’s Gentleman Hypnotist”. I will be using him again. Thank you David for making my job easier and giving me a Happy Customer. Yours, Bob S. – Event Planner
-Bob S, 9/30/2009, Corporate Function, Atlanta, GA

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