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Setup Instructions for v2.41 Lite

Welcome to Launch Effect v2.41 Lite! Launch Effect Lite lets you create and customize a viral landing page at the click of a few buttons. Version 2.41 includes some important stability fixes and speed improvements, tweaks to the theme’s responsive styling, and large improvements to the way the theme handles the generation of meta data…
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January 23, 2017 0

Top five ways to take back your facebook

With the boom in more people using social media, a strange thing is happening. We develop a love hate relationship with our friends. People that we would normally never know how they felt about some things are posting stuff that is pissing everyone off. The worst part is that many people are just posting things…
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September 25, 2015 0
Prom hypnosis rocks

Top 5 tips for an awesome post prom event

Top 5 Tips for a great post prom event. Prom season is just ahead and events will be the highlight of the season.the memories that seniors make during these next few months will last a lifetime. Here are my top 5 tips for having a memorable event for after prom. 1. Keep the event safe.…
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February 19, 2015 0
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Happy Holiday Meditations – Three ways to have the best Holiday Ever!

Happy Holiday Meditations – Three ways to have the best Holiday Ever!! This is the time of the year when the hustle and bustle of the holidays can be stressful, and the spirit of the season can get lost in the commercialism of the holidays. This series of meditations will help you cope with the…
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December 8, 2014 0
My Surgeons Hat. His name is Ted E. Bear

Full Renaissance festival pub show video

Check out this video.

October 30, 2014 0
Find your voice

It’s not just what you say, but the voice you use to say it.

I’m told all the time when I open my mouth to sing ” Wow that’s some bass voice!” I used to sing a lot before my parents died. While I was traveling to visit them in Valdosta, and they were slowly dying, I lost my singing voice. I’ve tried very hard to regain it. I…
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June 23, 2014 0

Meet Dr. Barely and the Dr. Barely Comedy Magic “Laughter Medicine” show

Call me by my first name, Izzy.  Izzy Barely your doctor at your service!!!   I’ve gone back in time to party like it’s 1549! It’s here at the Ga. Renaissance Festival Saturdays and Sundays till June 8th and Memorial Day Monday. The Dr Barely Comedy Magic “Laughter Medicine” show  

May 16, 2014 0


I love this story.  I often feel this same way, but you would never know it.  Comedy is tough.  I see the two faces of comedy and tragedy.

February 19, 2014 0
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Give love, Get love

A dear friend of mine had a stroke and I felt moved to write this little poem. I’ve included it in a few forms.  Please share it. UPDATE:  My Friend Aldo Colombini has passed today  2/12/2014                                      …
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February 12, 2014 0