Get ready for the ultimate Reality Show where anything can happen, the humor is always funny and no one gets hurt.

Stage Hypnosis is the ultimate in live interactive entertainment. Imagine your friends and colleagues as amazing actors doing made up skits on the spot with spontaneous humor and funny lines.
David Bryan Smith does a modern hypnosis show that is fast paced, funny, cleaver and clean. You will be amazed at how easy the show goes, how much fun you and your guests have and how many compliments you get for your role in such a fantastic event. This is the ultimate reality show and David is a master at leading his guests on stage to their highest and best for an unforgettable event.

“David is America’s Gentleman Hypnotist Ormond McGill – Dean of American Hypnotist

A few recent testimonials

I hire many entertainers, and David Bryan Smith was easily the most professional performer I’ve used. His hypnosis show is unique and funny! With a great personality, he really put my clients at ease. He explained a little about hypnosis, easily got volunteers, and no one felt like he was making fun of them. In fact, the volunteers all said they had a great time and felt wonderful! His close up magic was a blast – the rubber band magic is AMAZING! And David made it really easy for me. He arrived on time, with his own sound equipment, and was very flexible when we had issues at the venue. I hope to use David again soon! He made me look good!
-Lee S, 10/3/2009, Corporate Function, Atlanta, GA
What an amazing performance. My client’s were very pleased and hence so was I. David’s show was a Cut Above any others I have seen and I’ve seen many Hypnotists. The Fire Segment was very daring and entertaining. He didn’t make anyone “Look Foolish” during the main Hypnotism part of the show but had the whole audience laughing and having fun. Truly a gentleman and very skilled at his craft. This was a very staid group but they had a blast!! I highly recommend “David Bryan Smith – America’s Gentleman Hypnotist”. I will be using him again. Thank you David for making my job easier and giving me a Happy Customer. Yours, Bob S. – Event Planner
-Bob S, 9/30/2009, Corporate Function, Atlanta, GA