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Six Sigma Songwriting. Capturing creativity in a proven process for success.

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Playing it S.A.A.F.E.


Affirm the positive


Find your purpose

Everyday gratitude

Make a change today

Stop living recklessly. It’s time to play it S.A.A.F.E.

Using these principles changed my life. It’s easy to encorporate these simple principles into your daily life. The time is now. Book the talk and get copies for everyone in your organization.

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Singer – Songwriter – Speaker – America’s Gentleman Hypnotist

  David Bryan Smith makes the connection between being creative and adding to the bottom line.

What Our Clients Say

 It is my pleasure to introduce you to David Bryan Smith; author, speaker, songwriter and
musician. I have known David for over 10 years and have watched a burgeoning career in the
making. Through the power of the spiritual tools that David now teaches, it has been my
pleasure to see him demonstrate everything we teach at Unity North Atlanta.
David’s message is clear and on point, driving home practical spiritual principles in an easily
accessible manner. I would call it “rubber meets the road spirituality”. This is a type of
presentation that I believe the world is hungry for today and one that David delivers beautifully.
Besides offering profound and thought provoking ideas, David is funny, charming and witty,
which puts the listener at ease out of the gate. He creates a truly non-threatening environment
where truth can be digested easily.
As a songwriter and singer, David has mastered the art of simplicity of lyric and melody. No
need for fluff or fanciness here, just truth conveyed through the portal of good music. David’s
songs, just like his messages, invoke thought. I believe this is the mark of every gifted
I recommend David as a presenter in your community and strongly encourage you to
consider him as a valuable resource for your gatherings/services. I know you will find his
unique and “out of the box” style very refreshing.
If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I
believe in this man’s message and will do whatever I can to support it.

Richard Burdick
Spriitual leader Unity North Atlanta 

David is amazing. We’ve had him speak several times and he always delivers a fantasic presentation with tons of useful content. Using his suggestions, we  are making a difference. Well done

Larry Flemming
Spiritual Truth Center

I had the pleasure of seeing David Bryan Smith perform his music and magic. I was blown away! He began by singing some familiar cover songs to engage the crowd. He proceeded to play some songs that he wrote and they were poetry set to music. Before the end of the songs even though they had never heard them, they were singing along! He ended the show by dazzling his audience with his magic! He was witty, funny and charming. He engaged the crowd and created an experience I believe we will all never forget. I must say by the end of the show, his music captured my heart and he made me believe in magic again : )

Rainy Suggs
Chief Experience Strategist at Extreme Leadership

Want a show you will not forget?I had the pleasure of seeing David Bryan Smith perform his music and magic at a conference I attended in Atlanta. He capture the attention of the audience with his wonderful magic. If magic wasn’t enough his heart felt music was more than icing on the cake. I also had the pleasure of seeing other performance on-line. I could spend all day listening to guitar and the heart felt songs. To find someone that bring so many wonderful talents to the table is very unusual. Looking for a special show – I promise he will deliver.

Deniese Hilford
It Specialist

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Six Sigma Songwriting is a unique example of how you can capture creativity using the six sigma process for just about anything. David uses songwriting as an example and wrote over 70 songs this year alone using this method. Find out the real secret to creativity that pays your bottom line Contact us today.

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